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Loyalty Rewards

Welcome to Olive Oil's Pizzeria and More Loyalty Rewards program. Here, you, our loyal customer can enroll to have some of our very best deals and coupons texted or emailed directly to you. The process is as easy as pie, pizza pie that is. Just text or email us a few pieces of information to get started enjoying freebie offers and coupons up to 25% off various menu items. By enrolling in this program, you agree to the terms and conditions* set forth below. Any information submitted will not be shared with any other company. This program is currently available to Pennsylvania customers only.


by doing the following:


Text or Email us


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From all of us here to all of you, thank you for choosing Olive Oil Pizzeria and More.






*Terms and Conditions of Olive Oil’s Pizzeria and More Loyalty Deals
*By signing up for this program you understand and agree to our terms and conditions as set forth below.
*We reserve the right to determine the times and dates of when we send freebie offers and coupons to you.
*We reserve the right to discontinue this program at any time without notification.
*No Information submitted will be shared with any other company.
*You agree to agree to hold us harmless in the event of a hack attack by a third party.
*We reserve the right to increase or decrease the value of our freebies and coupon deals at any time.
*You agree that these coupons will be applied to regular priced menu items.
*You understand that these coupons cannot be used with any other special or discount.
*You understand that these coupons must be used by the person whom it was sent and cannot be forwarded to a third party for use.
*You can stop receiving texts or emails at any time by sending us a text or email with the word STOP in the subject line or at the top of the text. This process may take up to 30 days.
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